Cheristin For Cats: Flea Treatment Medication

Cheristin for cats

Our furry pets are so adorable that no parents like to see themselves suffering from any health issues or any other issue. There are many parasites from which our pets might suffer like heartworms, roundworms, fleas, and ticks. Being furry pet parents, one might be often concerned about how to prevent their pet from Fleas? What measures are to be taken to prevent them from any flea infection? Is Cheristin Flea Treatment for Cats good to use for cats? And many similar concerns.

The answer to all these questions is Cheristin. It is a topical flea treatment made specifically for killing fleas in cats. Here we will discuss complete details about how it works, what safety measures need to be followed while using it, what is the dosage usage of it, the expiration of this medication, and potential side effects one might notice.

What is the strongest flea treatment for cats and how does it work?

The name Cheristin is the other name of the chemical drug Spinetoram. It is an approved medication that is useful in killing adult cats. As per the results, a single dose of Cheristin flea treatment for cats starts showing results within 30 minutes of applying it.

It is mainly developed to show adverse effects by killing adult fleas. Initially, there is no direct impact of that on flea eggs, flea larvae, or any other flea life stage. However, with regular monthly use, it starts showing results by killing all the newly hatched or any developing fleas. This eventually helps in eliminating any harmful effects that might cause due to fleas from the overall surroundings home.

How does Cheristin flea treatment for cats work? 

The drug Spinetoram functions with two different chemical transmitters in insects it is highly effective against, GABA and acetylcholine. GABA functions as an internal transmitter where in it checks for the ability of neurons to receive, create and transmit that chemical information to other neurons. Whereas acetylcholine is mainly responsible for most functioning of the nervous system including muscle movement. Study shows that this medication shows effective results in killing fleas for up to 6 weeks.

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Does Cheristin have any side effects on pets?

While there are several positive effects of this product. It might show some side effects too as every pet has a different reaction ability to certain products. Cheristin flea treatment for cats is only advised to use on cats or kittens that are above 8 weeks of age and have a weight of more than around 1.8lb. Most pet parents think that they can use this product on dogs or pups. However, that is not the case, it can show negative impacts on dogs as their skin is sensitive to Spinetoram.

What is the prescribed dosage of Spinetoram?

It comes in a unique size that is suitable for use on every pet size, age, and health. The recommended dosage required to give your cats is only one vial even for the cats who weigh more than 20lb.

The method to apply it on your pet’s skin is to press down the cap of the applicator vial until the sound like “click” is heard that indicates the vial is punctured and now the cap is removed. It should be applied to the fur over an area at the neck where the cat may not be able to touch it or lick it. Squeezing the tube directly 2-3 times on the skin until the product is not properly crammed out.

Is Cheristin For Cats A Good Flea Treatment & How It works?

The Cheristin flea treatment for cats processes with two separate chemical transmitters in insects as it is highly effective against GABA and acetylcholine. GABA functions as an internal transmitter to detect the ability of neurons to create, receive and transmit chemical details to other neurons. While acetylcholine is for the functioning of the nervous system including muscle movement. 

Studies & reviews show that this medication delivers sufficient outcomes in killing fleas for up to 6 weeks. Cheristin for cats reviews shows positivity from many pet parents. Thus this topical solution is highly recommended for flea treatment.

What is the expiration period of Cheristin?

Every product has its advantages and disadvantages. Cheristin for cats and Cat Dental Treats is a highly recommended product that helps with preventing your pet from any flea infection and you can shop for it easily from our website. Kwik Pets understand the importance of keeping your pets healthy, happy, stable, and contented. Hence, serving the best products that you might ever require for your pet.

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