Contemporary Bedroom Renovation Ideas Using Laminates


A bedroom makeover is not an easy task in the current scenario. We always want to make our bedrooms comfortable and soothing as it is the place we seek after an exhausting day in the office. Interior renovation and redecoration would help improve the entire space’s feel. Hence, remodelling your bedroom might be a challenging experience for you regarding design or budget.

Laminate designs can make your interior decor look smart and sophisticated with natural but striking vibes. So, laminates are here to transform the looks and decor of the bedroom with a more cost-effective and durable approach. Here are some innovative ideas to renovate your bedroom from an ordinary place to rest in a creative sanctum.

Some points of using laminates in the bedroom renovations

Colour matters

Choosing colours can set the foundation for creating your room’s interior. If you’re struggling while selecting the right colour or hue for your laminates, you can mix and match different ones.

You can also opt to check out the laminate catalogues to select the right colour and hue for your bedrooms. This will help you to avoid colour splashes and finishes. Even for light colour lovers, multiple laminates with subdued hues are available in the market.

Try out textures

A natural and modern look with various designs can improve your bedroom’s charm to a different level. Textured laminates can give a warm and cosy touch to your bedroom’s design. This will elevate the appearance of the entire room. 

The laminate designs are available in different variations like oak, teak, eucalyptus, mahogany and many more. With the textured laminates, you can easily maintain and clean your bedroom. In terms of durability, textured laminates are the best alternatives.


Before renovating the rooms and associated decors, you should consider different factors like the size and shape of the room, walls, furniture placed in the room and many more. For instance, if a bed is placed in a certain position, you can adjust other furniture and accessories to have adequate space for walking around.

To renovate your bedroom smartly, you should take help from the laminate catalogue. Most of the cases, we don’t focus on our furniture mindfully. We buy them randomly, making our bedroom a repository over your relaxing en-suite.

Don’t neglect the walls

In earlier days, people used to prefer colouring their walls. But those days were over!!! Now you can remodel your rooms and redesign your favourite place with decorative and textured laminates.

The laminates come in different colours, patterns and textures. So they can easily help your bedroom to look more prominent with a smooth finish. The proper laminate selection might add a signature to the styling of your bedroom. Laminate designs have single features for the walls in the entire room.

You can also install some High Gloss Laminates on the walls, and these laminates would help to brighten up the looks of your room. In many cases, the decorative laminates can enhance the brightness or light quotient of the room. Henceforth, High Gloss Laminate sheets would help you to get positive vibes in your cosy bedroom.

Integrate laminates in the furniture

Designing any space without considering the associated furniture does not make sense. As the furniture and wardrobes are mandatory in the bedrooms, you should not ignore these while you redesign or renovate your space.

Varieties of textures, colours and patterns can enhance the sophistication and grace of the bedroom furniture and wardrobe. You should take care of the designs and structures of the furniture, and after that, you can choose the colour only.

As the high-pressure and textured laminates can be used multipurpose, the laminates would help you add durability and aesthetics simultaneously. While high-gloss and decorative laminates increase the looks, laminates used in the furniture would help you to get a contemporary bedroom design.

So, now you’ve already known that laminates add durability and a seamless finish to your contemporary bedroom’s design. If you are worried about all the hassles behind the proper laminate selection, Royale Touche is here to help you out. Our various product ranges would help you to choose the right laminate sheet. If you want to revamp your bedroom with a touch of contemporary and stunning look, contact us via email id or WhatsApp Read More

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