Jhalana Safari Park Jaipur | Safari Timing & Best Time to Visit

Jhalana Safari

Jhalana Safari Park Jaipur | Safari Timing & Best Time to Visit


The name of the wild will entice many flora and fauna fanatics to return back to Jhalana Safari Park and include the wasteland and stay amongst wild creatures. If you’re in Jaipur, Jhalana National Park may be one of the excellent exciting reports of your existence.

This 12 months Jhalana National Park has visible a speedy increase withinside the populace of powerful Leopards. It could be very pleasant information for all of the flora and fauna fanatics. As a result, vacationers’ enthusiasm to concentrate on the decision of the wild may be high-quality and a laugh crammed for an super and exciting memory.

About Jhalana Safari Park

At the coronary heart of Jaipur, there may be a lovely home of Leopards – Jhalana National Park. It is one of the maximum outstanding Leopard Safari locations in India. Its wealthy geographical range and picturesque points of interest makes it the maximum sought-after vacation spot for flora and fauna fanatics and nature fanatics. A weekend getaway to Jhalana National Park is an excellent location to seek a journey in Jaipur.

 Its splendor is a proposal to the artist, its wasteland is a thrill to the journey fanatics and flora and fauna fanatics and its completely satisfied vibe is a solace for nature fanatics. There is not anything higher than an exciting Jhalana Leopard Safari in Jaipur. It is the excellent manner to discover this enchanted wasteland and be one with the wild and nature.

Jhalana is a small pocket of untamed existence treasure in Jaipur. It is difficult to agree with however this has been proved to be a brilliant location to look at leopards . Prior to now, this small patch of jungle changed into a non-public capturing vicinity of Jaipur’s royal circle of relatives. The closing tiger was killed in 1948.

Jhalana spreads in an approximately 20 sq.km vicinity amongst the Aravallis ranges. The slim valleys & deciduous woodland makes it the best habitat for leopards. These woodlands shed their leaves in the dry season & handiest one rain is sufficient to show them green. Juliflora & khejri flowers are major flora of the area. The different types of timber are Dhonk, Dhak & Salar.

Although leopards are very sight & tough to identify however right here in Jhalana because of the absence of tigers , they’re apex predators so they’re diurnal as opposed to nocturnal . This truth made it  more famous amongst flora and fauna fanatics.

Jhalana Leopard Safari, Jaipur

For vacationers, Jhalana opened in 2016 & 2017 it became recognized as a Leopard Reserve . It is assumed to be the first leopard reserve of India.

How to reach Jhalana Safari Park:

Take A ride From Jaipur Airport To Jhalana Safari Park It Is Just 6 Km Away from Airport

From Jaipur railway station , it’s eleven kms away.

From Delhi it’s far 270 kms , from Agra 270 , from Ranthambore one hundred eighty kms away.

Wild inventory of Jhalana!

About 30 plus adult leopards & 05 cubs are in Jhalana. Besides leopards, different contributors of the cat ‘s own circle of relatives are Indian civet, wilderness Cat & jungle cat. Other animals that may be visible are deer , Sambar deer, Striped Hyena, Jackals, porcupines, lizards etc.

Safari Timing/ Best time to visit:

Jhalana is open for vacationers throughout the 12 months. Best time endorsed is November to May.

The park is open for vacationers for 2 safaris i.e morning & nighttime.

Morning safari is from 05:forty five am to 08:15 am & nighttime safari is from 04:30 pm to 07:00 pm. This time varies as consistent with solar rise & sunset.

Safaris are performed by means of jeep handiest on a sharing & distinct basis . These are booked  via means of a legit internet web website online at sso.rajasthan.gov.in. There is an earlier quota for every shift. Jeeps may be booked ninety days in advance. Few vehicles/ jeeps are allocated in the modern-day window on the counter.

One has to attain a half-hour prior to the gate to gather a boarding pass.

For photographers Half day safari is likewise there . There are  jeeps in this category.

For Saturday , Sunday & for Festival holidays, making plans is good.


Jaipur is a properly advanced cultural visitor spot of India. Every type of motel in each price range is available. From any  hotel in Jaipur one could attain Jhalana easily.

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