Nandi Hills


There are a lot of vacationer locations in and close to Bangalore yet Nandi slopes are cherished the most with regards to dawn spots.

Nandi Hills or Nandi Durg is an old slope stronghold worked by the Ganga tradition and later expanded by Tipu Sultan.. It is arranged 10 km from Chikkaballapur air terminal and around 60 km from Bangalore. Watching the dawn at Nandi slopes is generally famous among sightseers. The very first SAARC culmination facilitated by India was held at Nandi slopes in the year 1986.

One should go to beat the city swarm and to partake in the quiet emanation. Nandi Hills isn’t renowned just for its dawn view, yet it additionally offers other brave exercises like paragliding, setting up camp, and so on.


There are numerous convictions about the beginning of the name of Nandi Hills. During the Chola period, Nandi Hills were called Anandgiri which implies the ‘slope of satisfaction’. The slope is called Nandi slopes on the grounds that the slope looks like a resting bull. It is likewise accepted that the slope got its name from a 1300 year old Dravadian style sanctuary, and for the Nandi (bull) sculpture arranged on this slope.


Setting up camp :

Setting up camp is one of the most appealing activities at Nandi slopes. To encounter the normal magnificence intently, setting up camp is the most ideal choice. One should remain for the time being to appreciate the magnificence of stars. The region is encircled with lavish green pinnacles which make the vacationer witness the God made enchantment.

 Day Out With Near and Dear ones :

Day out at Nandi slopes is one more alluring thing to do. With eye-getting, green environmental factors and delightful pinnacles, a day out is the most charming thing to do there. During day time, one can appreciate day journeys, pontoon building and a lot more excitement for which the spot is an ideal area.

Trip to Skandagiri Hills :

Skandagiri slopes, otherwise called Kalavara Durga, is one of the well known traveling areas close to Nandi slopes. With the perspective on thick mists, trilling birds, vegetation, sun playing, finding the stowaway, journeying to Skandagiri slopes is perhaps the best thing to do. The old rough sanctuary on the slope top is a conspicuous marvel which should be caught with camera as well likewise with unaided eyes. The long stretch of December to March is the best opportunity to travel the slopes for a wonderful time frame in nature.

Paragliding :

Soaring and dropping with energy and rush is the inclination which is constantly invited at Nandi slopes. With paragliding, one can absorb the lovely area from a hawk’s eyes view. All security means are dealt with prior to taking a traveler for paragliding.

Visit to Tipu’s Drop :

An outing toNandi slopes would be viewed as inadequate without visiting the exceptionally well known Tipu’s drop which is one of the notable spots around the area. Detainees were pushed down starting here, during Tipu Sultan’s rule, as a discipline for their off-base doings. Presently the vacationers can partake in the view from the top and can click a huge number of pictures for future recollections.

 Visit to Amrit Sarovar :

Otherwise called ‘pool of nectar’, this delightful lake stays loaded up with water over time. The water is spotless to the point that it is even utilized for supply in neighborhoods. The means of prompting the wells have a bit of Dravidian engineering. Visiting the lake during night time with the sparkling moon overhead is suggested. The nectar appears to wake up with the evening glow falling on the lake water.

Cycling :

It is viewed as one of the very sound activities and when an experience is added with it, it behaves like a cherry on the top. Cycling on Nandi slopes implies investigating the regular magnificence which incorporates unique cases, different creature species, wonderful, cold and invigorating breeze that strikes on the face. The magnificence of the slope wakes up on each mile.

Instructions to REACH NANDI HILLS

The distance of Nandi slopes from Bangalore can be covered by both street and rail. The streets of the slope top are phenomenal and can be covered by any vehicle picked. One can bring their confidential vehicle or bicycle and can partake in the excursion to the peak. The closest rail line station is Chikkaballapur which is around 19 km from the slope. It is additionally a simple method for arriving at Nandi slopes.

  The best opportunity to investigate Nandi slopes is early morning around 4 am to 4:30 am as this is the hour of dawn which is the most well known vacation destination. The passage expense of Nandi slope is Rs.15 per individual.

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