The Best Places to Live Around Washington, DC

Washington, DC, is one of the most expensive, and most incredible cities in the country.  From the countless museums and art galleries, to the excellent schools and national monuments, it’s easy to see why anyone would fall in love with this area.

If you’re considering a move to the area: consider one of these awesome cities.

Silver Spring, Maryland

North of DC, Silver Spring is the oldest part of this area, surrounded by numerous other urban areas.  Not only does it have an incredible and long history, but you’ll fall in love with the fantastic architecture, awesome hospitality, and beautiful weather.  This area is pricier, but Silver Spring has so much to do and see that the price is worth it.  Transit is also incredible here, allowing you to bus in and out of DC affordably.

Arlington, Virginia

Arlington is so full of national monuments and attractions that people often mistake it for a continuation of DC!  Although Arlington real estate can be expensive, it’s worth it to be surrounded by this much history, while also getting to be close to the open water.

The best part of Arlington is the schools!  This area has some of the highest rates schools in the nation, giving students the best start possible.

Frederick, Maryland

More affordable than Baltimore, but more beautiful than Alexandria, Frederick is a fantastic place to move for any mountain lovers.  Here you get a great view of the mountain line, can explore Civil War sites, and explore the huge 40-block historic district.  This is a great area to live in if you want a small-town feeling in a big city.

Tips Before Your Move

There are a million things that can go wrong or successfully with every single move, so although DC is one of the most interesting cities in the country, it still has similar advice to others: unfortunately if you avoid taking it you could be in dire straights.

Washington DC is surrounded by some of the most expensive areas in the country.  Unfortunately, this means that if you don’t have a job lined up before you move out here, you could quickly go broke.  Try to get a job before moving, so you have something to arrive at.

Save at least three months of future expenses before your move.  This will give you a safety net, even if you already have a job lined up it’s a good idea to have some money in case things don’t work out.

Don’t lock yourself away!  It’s easy to get to a big city like DC and want to close yourself off from the world, but don’t fall for this.  Get out there, meet locals, and make this move the best thing that’s ever happened to you! 

The DC Area Rocks!

Whether you’re moving here for work, or you want to give your kids a better chance at a good education, you’ll fall in love with the DC area!  Consider moving to one of these areas to make the best move possible.

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