The Ultimate Guide About Zonbase extension

The Ultimate Guide About Zonbase extension

Zonbase is a one-stop shop for Amazon merchants looking to locate honorable mention products online. The following tools are available from Zonbase: reverse ASIN, keyword analysis, brand ranking tracker, hidden niche, revenue estimate, list optimization, and more. To learn more about Zonbase chrome extension you can Go now to Amazon website. Great listings accomplish two things:

  • Initially, you must persuade Amazon’s A9 algorithm to display your offering.
  • Next, persuade a person to purchase.

With the Secret Formula, everything is so simple. Businesses can outsource their order fulfillment to Amazon through the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program. Free Two-Day Shipping is a perk for Prime members, and all buyers can obtain free shipping on qualifying goods. Products that you list for FBA are also eligible for free shipment. Customers are informed that Amazon handles packing, delivery, customer care, and returns via the display of the Prime emblem on qualified FBA listings.

Zonbase has a tonne of tools that might help you with your product research 

  • ZonResearch 

Product, keyword, or pinned products can all be searched. Apply criteria like revenue, sales, number of reviews, and review rating after choosing one or more categories on the Amazon marketplace. Filters can be saved for subsequent use.

  • Chrome add-on

You may browse Amazon and locate the product details in only a few clicks. Find the top keywords each product is ranking for as well as the past 12 months’ worth of sales data.

  • Hot Products

Have neither the time nor the means to search for things on your own? You are covered by Zonbase. A list of popular items on Amazon that is updated hourly is called hot products.

  • Product verifier

Check the product you identified to see if it is ready to sell on Amazon by looking at the competition, market saturation, demand, and other useful statistics.

  • Sales forecaster

Get the estimated monthly product sales starting with the ASIN. 

  • Tool for keywords

A keyword research tool for your SEO and PPC campaigns Find market volume estimations and keyword competitiveness

  • ASIN reverser software

Find the keywords that a competitor is ranking for in both organic rankings and PPC campaigns by starting with their ASIN.

Zonbase reviews

The benefits of Zonbase include autopilot, a top-notch team for product verification, an available photo enhancer, a 7-day free trial, and the ability to quickly find a profitable niche market. It also has a tool for estimating sales, which is a great way to check the sales of any ASIN. Researching keywords is simple with ZonBase Free Amazon Training. Since Zonbase’s user interface has a very similar layout to Jungle Scout’s, it will actually be quite simple for you. They claim that more cost and payment choices would be preferable.

ZonResearch gives you access to the products’ internal pages.

1. Use to perform a keyword or product search.

2. The ZonResearch Chrome Extension will open while you are viewing the Amazon results page.

3. You will notice important background information from ZonBase’s database as well as from

4. Prediction of monthly sales per product and the level of keyword competition helps to analyze better

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